​​​​​​​​​​​​Regular Meetings

Board of Commissioners

When: 2nd Tuesday of each month

Where: Board of Commissioners' Office

When: 6:00 pm 

Board of Tax Assessors

When: 1st Tuesday of each month

Where: Tax Assessors' Office

​Time: 4:00 pm

Board of Elections

When: 3rd Wednesday of each month

Where: Elections Office

Time: 11:00 am

Recreation Department Board Meetings

When: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Where: Recreation Office

When: Noon

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MARCH 26 @ 2:45 PM

​The Board of Commissioners have declared a State of Emergency for Jeff Davis County.

The Board took no action other than to declare the State of Emergency. They ask that all citizens in the county and all businesses outside the city limits adhere to the CDC guidelines at this time.

To see the ordinance in its entirety, click here.


The project to replace the bridge over the Altamaha River on the Uvalda HWY is set to begin April 2020. The completion date for this project is tentatively set for December 2021. The current bridge will remain open as the replacement bridge is being constructed. As of now, no detours or delays are expected.